Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Weekend Part 2

I was blessed with a full weekend of love from my two favorite boys! Here's our story in pics.

Some mommas like brunch and some breakfast in bed. This Momma wanted a patio picnic AND to cook my own Sunday meal without interruptions from a 10 month old crawling up my legs!

The Sheriff learns to take off his hat. Oh this begins a fun Houston-is-already-in-the-90s battle.

So on to our Saturday afternoon picnic, a Spicy little trip back to Sonoma. An odd menu? Maybe. But a delicious one for us!

Sourdough and olive oil

Pears and Pecorino Romano

The Sheriff was on his best behavior with a pizza crust in hand. Just the crust.

Sheriff: Happy Mother's Day!
Me: Thanks Wyatt!
(He said that. I'm serious.)

Do they get any cuter?

And that was only Saturday! On Sunday The Sheriff took Daddy to get me breakfast tacos, we went to a crowded mass, and came home to open some cards and presents.

The pressure is on for Father's Day, Cowboy! Thanks for making this first day such a sweet one! You make being a Momma a piece of cake. Well, ok, at least so much easier and a whole lotta fun!

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