Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene "I'm Back"

In more ways than one!

After about a two week hiatus (thanks partly to traveling and partly to my boycotting ye ole blogging due to Blogger's issues which halted posts and then lost posts), I'm back this Saturday (evening albeit) linking up with Loves of Life for a SMS.

Why else am I back?  Take a look and see, my friends. Why hello running shoes! Solo. No jogging stroller (not until Monday). Thanks for hanging with The Sheriff, Cowboy, so I could get out for a bit. It was only 15 minutes or so, but it was nice.

And that was supposed to be my SMS photo. Just the shoes.

But then along came this guy.

This is what happens when "Moose" is on tv. I can't compete. The duck (also known as "quack" can't compete). Moose for the win!

Lucky for me, Moose only lasts for 5 minutes. Then I get this face back.

And then...The Afternoon! I know, I know; it's just supposed to be Saturday MORNING Scene, but I couldn't resist.

Big pool day! This is our typical pool face. Love it!

Can we go tomorrow? Can we, can we? 
I had to go to the grocery, but Cowboy stayed home to enjoy this sweet face waking up from a great post swimming nap. 

Happy Weekend Y'all! What were you up to? Link up here!  (But I'm still pissed at Blogger.) :)

Saturday Morning Scene


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aapuzzanchera said...

visiting from SMS
Love the pool shot of your little guy in his inter-tube. Such excitement and enthusiasm in that little grin! Love it!
Thanks for stopping by!