Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to Normal

We've done a lot of celebrating and had a few great visits from the fam., which has been fantastic! But it's time to return to some normalcy for a minute. This is until next week when party planning hits in full swing. I've been so lazy; I'm doomed!

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for passing this along.  (Sorry I've been linking to the wrong site!)


Outside my window...  The Sheriff and I kicked ass! Seriously! The kiddo wasn't napping very well as a huge molar is popping it's little (right now) ugly head through his gums. Poor kid. To keep him entertained? Children's Museum to be followed by the pool to be followed by a jog (my jog, his riding, of course), and LOTS of playing with the "worm pillow." There was a slight nap and some bottles/food in between, but I tell you one thing, getting the most out of the longest day of the year will wear a Momma out! 

I am wondering...  if "Up All Night" with Christina Applegate will be any good this fall. Cowboy will say no. AND, secondly, why is there no wine in this house? 

I just bought... some prints to share with friends and family. Get ready y'all! Some serious cuteness coming your way. 

I am wearing... jammies. Round 2 jammies to be specific. I put on round 1 after the pool thinking we'd stay in but then decided to run and hence, second set for the night. No, I didn't run in my jammies. They are somewhere to be discovered tomorrow. 

I am loving... Game of Thrones. I wish I had read the books, but it's nice to watch the show not knowing what's coming. I am also loving the way Cowboy humors me and throws around random G.O.T. quotes with me throughout our time together. 

I appreciate... hand sanitizer! Still praying for The Sheriff to not have caught any germs from the ball pit today. I'm so not a germ-phobe, but Momma can't handle another stomach virus any time soon. 

From the kitchen... been busting it to please The Sheriff's palette. Today, well, Mr. Jack Johnson would approve. That's right--banana pancakes my friend. Side note -- I'm loving our cuddle time with his bottles, but it's such a "confusing" time for all I think during the transition to table foods. I'm ready for one or the other but am so nervous about dropping bottles. How will he know to eat more? Will he eat more? Will he still sleep well? Guess we'll see...

One of my favorite people... The Sheriff! Shocking, right? He is so funny and getting more goofy every day. 

I am grateful... for that bed waiting for me to crawl into it! 

I am thinking about... how many books I want to read. Pinterest and Google Reader, we now have a love/hate relationship as you delay my old school reading! 

I am praying...for my journey. 

Shrimp... grows teeth like nobody's business! As I've said, the molar's coming. That makes 3! Well, 1 whole one and two working their way out. And there's a possibility that two other bottom teeth will be coming soon. It's a drool fest around here these days. 

Planning for the weekend.. The weekend? It's only Wednesday! :) But I have tons of party planning to get done. 

Picture thoughts I am sharing...

Following in Daddy's footsteps

See that spec back there? Tried to capture
him "resting" on the pillow.

But then he caught me and silliness ensued! 


mom said...

oooooooo; I hope shrimp is not too long for his new clothes. I will hold off on other outfits until we try on the latest ones!

the workaholic momma said...

What a fun idea for a post. Banana pankcakes sound delish:) and I love all of the pics:) Hope ya'll are having a great week!