Thursday, June 23, 2011


Linking up today with Becky today for some SERIOUSLY fun.

Or not so fun.

First, I have trouble getting your button to show Mama! Anyone else have that trouble?

Second, this girl SERIOUSLY cannot deal with bugs, critters, crawlers, creepies, whatever! They freak me out. SERIOUSLY.

So, SERIOUSLY, bugs, let's have a chat. You are dealing with no Raven here who battles rattlesnakes while chasing around her precious kiddos and looks amazing while doing so. I don't even like to pick up a dead bug much less capture a rattler on film. I'd be worried the snake will take offense to my being a snakearrazi and decide to lash out Chris Brown style except with deadly venom. What a jerk-off by the way!

The kitchen rugs SERIOUSLY needed some power washing (via awesome hose attachment scene here). Combine that with a couple of tiny sugar ants who have found their way to The Sheriff's seat (or the floor rather) at the dining room table, and it's all out war.

SERIOUSLY, picture Cowgirl in your head (looking hot of course) with the hose and a bottle of Palmolive on the patio after the first rain TX has had in...well, we stopped counting. So there were bugs galore. Mostly spiders and the pesky ants feasting on a worm that didn't quite make it. (Don't worry Cowboy. Momma took care of that!) Let's just say not only the rugs got some spraying.

But this is the thing. I have this idea in my head that as I spray each creepy that tries to make its way from the grass to dry land, he/she/it is heading back to grass land to rally all the bug troops for an offensive headed my way. Or maybe, with much more stealth of course, they will plan an attack for the nighttime when I least expect it.

SERIOUSLY, Cowgirl, what's wrong with you? I know these things cannot be true, but in my head, bugs have real, thinking brains that get ticked off when challenged.

There you have it.  I SERIOUSLY need a weekend!

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Just visiting from Seriously Thursday and decided to follow you. :)