Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh My Smockness!

 A year ago today we welcomed this sweet face:

And on Sunday he's going to celebrate being a year old wearing this:

How cute! And how talented is my M<3M! (Yes, she signs off that way. She's full of love!) I can't wait to post more about this past year, how amazing he is, and what a journey it's been. But we have a party to prepare, family and friends to entertain, sweet treats galore to bake, and perhaps a date night in the middle. Stay tuned, bloggy friends. We'll catch up as soon as we can! 

1 comment:

Deana said...

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY SWEET WYATT!! (oh and just to let you know when he is 19 looking back on pics he is gonna fuss about that precious sweet outfit...happened to!!)