Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene "Date Night Prep"

Linking up with Katie at Loves of Life this morning and showing off my "new" do. It's just a trim, but a much needed clean-up to prepare for our first DATE NIGHT in a long time! Here's to dinner sans (there's that word again!) finger food on the floor, high chair covers, stuffing our faces so we can escape before anything escalates, and heading out as early as 5:00!

I posed for a quick shot (yes, quick, we can't keep him still!) of this morning's activity.

And guess what came in the mail yesterday? This gem!

My mom is a sewing extraordinaire, and we LOVE receiving sweet outfits for The Sheriff. The ducks hurt his street cred a bit, but until he can dress himself, he's just going to have to maintain law in this town rocking adorable all-in-ones!

So cute!

Let me tell you why I'm sharing. Yes, they are just darn cute, but I want to host a give-away. Would you be interested? Would you enter? I'd probably change the design to fit the time of year or age of baby/toddler.  Please, please, pretty please leave me a comment and let me know if there would be an interest.

Link up and let us know about your Saturday!

Saturday Morning Scene


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Nicole said...

I am dying to learn to sew. That outfit is amazing. Lance never let me put collars on the boys! I had maybe three smocked outfits for all of them. So if you had a girl outfit, I'd enter!