Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene "Leaving on a Jet Plane"

Watching some Women's World Cup and linking up with Loves of Life this Saturday morning as I prepare for a quick girl's trip! We are headed to Red Rocks in Denver! Denver! Where it will be so much cooler! I can't wait. Even better -- we are seeing Sarah McLachlan, who with Jewel and their powers combined (Planeteers style!) carried me through my high school years.

See suitcase:

See headstrong one-year-old who doesn't want to get inside suitcase to pose for cute pic. Oh well. Guess we can't force these things right?

This train is much cooler anyway! Looks like he's in the finishing move of a peek-a-boo here!

Happy Saturday! May your weekend be restful, peaceful, and full of love and laughter!

Saturday Morning Scene


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Natalie said...

I have never been to Colorado...but really want to go! Hope you had a great trip!