Thursday, January 19, 2012

Words, Simple Words

I first want to thank all of you (those who commented and those who read and maybe just sent a kind thought and prayer my way). It's your words, your simple words of support that do indeed bring more comfort to my heart.

For a while I've subscribed to God Whispers, and these little uplifting messages never seem to surprise me with such fitting words.

Last week I received this:

Dear Jenn,
When an obstacle is in front of you, it simply means there are better paths elsewhere. Paths that are a hundred times better, a thousand times better, a million times better!


P.S. So excited for you, Jenn.  

And just yesterday:

Dear Jenn,
Pain is fuel. But like real fuel, it can do two things. Fuel can catch a spark and explode, destroying everything around it. Or it can be harnessed in an engine and power a rocket to the moon. What am I saying? Pain can destroy you or develop you. It depends on how you respond to your pain.

P.S. If you respond with faith, pain can be the inner driving force that can change your life. Pain can be your fuel to rocket your launch to success. 

These are simple words, but such reminders. God is in control. God is calling us closer. 
And honestly, this may be my last post about this. We have such a blessed life, and I am ready to be back to posting about the crazy little bit running around these parts. I'm ready to get crafty and cooking. AND,  I'm ready to get my computer fixed so I can read all of your blogs on it instead of my phone and make comments on your daily adventures! 


Erin said...

Those are the greatest messages I've ever read. So glad your spirits are feeling lifted sweet friend!!

Happiness Is... said...

I love those. All of those reminders are so true. Just last night I was feeling sorry for myself because the 4th girl in our small group (there are only 5 couples, mind you) announced she's pregnant with #3. And I wanted to say "seriously God?" And I did for a second. But then I thought "you know what? He knows what He is doing. I have no idea why, and I just have to trust. His plan will be revealed in due time." The pain still comes out of nowhere sometimes, but I always try to re-center myself and put a positive spin on it.