Monday, February 20, 2012

I Confess

*I often use weekend nap times to practice different ways of putting on makeup and usually waste too much time instead of actually getting anywhere.

*That being said, it's Saturday afternoon; I just put on my makeup, think I did a great job, and threw on a camo tshirt and a pair of torn jeans to lounge in our rainy weather. I also did the week's grocery run in said outfit.

*I name my outfits (mostly jammies) with titles containing the word "chic," so today is Glam-Camo-TX-Rain-Chic.

*I think every year that I actually have a chance of picking the right teams for my NCAA bracket.

*I told husband I was going to the post office this morning and happened to venture a bit further for a stop at the consignment store.

*He totally called me on it!

*I'm just taking in the fact that The Sheriff is closer to 2 than to being a baby. Deep breath. Deep breath. Deep breath. How is it possible these kids grow so fast!?!?

*Cowboy was pretty busy working on my new look around here this weekend. Do you like? I really, really do and not so secretly think he's the greatest thing since Icees!

*I prefer making list-type blog posts because the English major in me needs more time and energy than available to crank out a lengthier unified piece of writing. Maybe I'll make it a goal to do one once a week?

*I'm really bad about planning posts like the one mentioned in the last bullet and never getting back to them.

So there you have it, folks. Happy Monday!


brownbetty said...

Love the new look, J. Tell your hubby great job!

Erin+Josh said...

Pretty blog, and lol to naming your outfits!

Natalie said...

Love the new look! I know it's crazy that are babies are on their way to two! I love how you name your outfits...LOL I am lacking in that creativity department!

Erin said...

Love the new look!! As a girl with a journalism degree, I know what you mean about getting a lengthy post together. I probably spend far too long editing even the tiny posts I do. haha!

Happy Monday :) Hope the day treats you well!

Lindsey @ Something's Gotta Give said...

Cowboy did a FANTASTIC job! Very Cajun-Cowgirl-Chic!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Thanks y'all! Husband did great! Lindsey---that's my favorite comment! ;)

Anonymous said...

lol! loved this post and love the new look! i'm seriously so bad about putting posts together. i envy those who can articulate so much of the mundane and make it interesting so, let alone, plan out a post for each and every day.