Monday, April 23, 2012

What I Love About Mondays

Mondays are fresh beginnings for the journey of another week, and the overachiever in me enjoys filling a planner with meals to make, appointments to attend, play dates to enjoy, or simple at home fun to be had (courtesy of Pinterest of course) and occasionally my own random spurt of creativity, by which I mean a crapshoot of randomness which fingers crosses results in 30 minutes or so of playing.

This post began in my head earlier this morning with a list about Mondays, but as the day progressed and this thought popped up during my Pinterest browsing, I think I'm taking a different approach. Maybe I'll change the title, but probably not. It's still Monday, that fresh start, and after a day in the dumps yesterday (which stunk because it was probably the prettiest TX day we'll have all year!), I need the refreshment in my head. So let's wander through a few "things" going on around here lately.

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

Want: The Sheriff and I finished lunch an hour or so ago. He had leftover homemade Spring Pizza while I noshed on leftover shredded buffalo chicken (recipe coming soon, my friends) with plain Greek yogurt on top of the tiniest half of a baked potato I've ever seen. Nope, Momma's not dieting over here, per say, but I almost wish I were. Diet plus some great workouts might help my bathing suit self esteem. It's less about weight than about figuring out just what this here body needs to make a baby, and a mostly low-carb diet is the prescription for me right now. But dang, I wanted some pizza! Or a sandwich with a side of chips! And a Coke! And...And...And..

BUT... I Have: Protein-filled leftovers that don't involve too much time in the kitchen! And I have a little guy full of personality with which to have lunch. And I have fertility options and guidance in helping me figure it all out. And the combination of plain Greek yogurt and buffalo chicken sauce is quite tasty after all.

Want: How great would it be perfect at this whole mother gig and never do things like show up to Stride Rite thinking maybe your child's foot grew which would explain the funny little walk he's been strutting. Cue the mom guilt when he's measuring about a size and a half larger than the shoe size he was wearing.

BUT... I Have: I AM good enough at what I do that I noticed something was up with his walking and thought through what was going on. I took action today after our Little Gym class and bam! hit a sale at Stride Rite for some new kicks!

Want: It would be so nice for the desires of my heart to be met, maybe, like yesterday. We're talking being pregnant here of course. The plan I'm on now includes acupuncture, changes to my diet, and some supplements and herbs. Some days I just don't feel like the waiting or dealing with the yo-yo of emotions each month. Most days I feel like there are so many things I can control, fix, and do, but this is just not one of them.

BUT... I Have: There is no doubt in my mind that God placed these desires in my heart with His own perfect hands, but He's also mapped their fruition out with His own perfect timing. I believe this whole-heartedly, and while some days I find myself struggling more than others, I know that He will work wonders.  I also do have options and the blessing to be proactive, and we will do what we can.

Want: Babies! Lots of them! Now!

BUT... I Have: This face, this heart, this wonderful little boy who:

learned how to say "two" and could not be more proud! Who cares that he never really got the fact that he was, technically is, one!

Who loves playing in Momma's bed and occasionally sits still enough for some reading.

Who adores all things "copter" and has a talented Daddy who can draw life size driveway helicopters complete with a control panel and pilot's seat.

Who takes great self portraits don't you think?

Yep, it's Monday, and I want so much, but indeed, there is so much already surrounding me.


Erin said...

The Sheriff gets more and more handsome every week! As for your current journey to pregnancy, I can only imagine how this must tug at your heart strings. But I can say for certain that I sing the praises of acupuncture and it's insane power to heal the body. I did it when pregnant with J for morning sickness and again postpartum for other issues and we'll just say its officially my go-to for healing a struggling body and mind. Hang in there mama. He is watching over you and your sweet family, I just know it!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like you and I had the same weekend diappointment. -sigh- Love the quote. I look around me at the obvious abundance of love and joy and yet I still have to remind myself of that more often than I'd like to admit. (insert defeated sort of smiley face)

Natalie said...

Awww I hope you are able to have #2're such a great mommy to W that I know you will be blessed with another one! I'm proud of you for being so positive and keeping your head up!

Nicole said...

I am offering prayers every day for this intention. Your faith is so inspiring to me. He knows your heart and will continue caring for you.

Btw, I have some shoes you can have for W, just remind me.