Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 - Where I'm Heading


Yes, where I intend to go in 2013 is lower.

I'm seeing a thread as look back on the past two years and the New Year's posts I've written. Two years ago I even wrote about prayerfully asking God to go beyond the resolution and show the pieces of my heart that need improving, and I believe that the word to guide this coming year goes hand in hand with the words that previously guided me on the journey to the woman I am seeking to become: patience and contentment.

In 2013 I want to lower my expectations, lower my standard, lower the bar. This theme doesn't mean that I don't have plans to be a better, stronger, more loving person. I simply want to allow myself and those around me a bit of breathing room.

It hit me (and sometimes over and over again) that my impatience, my lack of contentment, and a great deal of my personal frustration stem from expecting that everything and everybody will roll smoothly 100% of the time. I hold these ideals in my head that often just need releasing. When things are not perfect, I worry about why they aren't, yet I know that life is messy. And in a good way!

I'm not even talking about major events, but just day to day living, minute to minute living.  I've always struggled with believing I can control my life and my world. "Lower" means letting go of that control and refocusing on the spirit inside of myself and inside of people around me instead of how we all meet standards. I feel like that is where God is calling me to be.  I had trouble choosing a verse for this theme but decided upon:

2013 -- I'm going lower, and in return I hope to see just how high God takes me! 


Andie said...

Yes! What a great plan for the year! I always want to control everything too!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

This is a really really great word and theme for 2013 and definitely something I could work on!

Nicole said...

Great post. It's a great idea not putting so much pressure on yourself and those around you.

Still working on my word for the year, but I think it's Hope. It sure needs to be as there is so much need for it right now.

Jennifer said...

I love this post!! I can certainly relate and I hope this New Year is great for you :)

Elizabeth said...

I set unrealistic expectations for myself (and probably others too). I always feel like I need to control the situations I am faced with, but it's when I step back and give it to God that things seem to fall into place. Great word for 2013!!

hi. Im Faith. said...

great post! i am such a control freak and an idealist. definitely hard lessons that god have wanted to teach me to get over! nothing is perfect only He's perfect. im not in control only He is in control. and def the impatience. i have so much to learn, thank God He is not finished with me yet. thank you for your encouraging post!