Thursday, April 25, 2013

Easter 2013

We have spent so many holidays in Louisiana that I can't say that I don't still get homesick when we stay here. It seems, however, that this year was simply too busy for all of that nostalgia, and we began some family traditions of our own.

We began Easter weekend with a bit of egg dyeing Saturday morning. 

The Sheriff helped me set up the dye,

and he was completely intrigued by the fizzy changing of color.

His phrase of the morning: It needs to be a wittle bit dawk-uh.

And when the eggs apparently reached his toddler-approved hue, I held my breath and let him transfer them to the carton for drying.

Note to self: next year invest in some plastic cups for this process.

The Easter Bunny spoiled our Sheriff Sunday morning, and of course the first item he picked up was the flying airplane bubble maker.

He soon was ready to check out what was inside the plastic eggs,

 and of course, partake in a bit of the special Easter treats inside.

J has been taking "garage door pics" before Mass for a while now, and I can't wait to see what little project he comes up with. Regardless, 

Our post church look is much less put together. Note untucked shirts and a baby who's not really having it. 

Well, unless Momma's holding him. Love these Momma's boys!

We finished off the day with a jambalaya dinner, and who knows, it might just become our family's unique Easter tradition. 


hi. Im Faith. said...

wyatt is so cute, so handsome! we used clear plastic cups this year and it made it much easier for clean-up after. looks like you guys had a great easter! :)

I'll Love You Forever said...

The sheriff is so handsome! You have a beautiful family. You look gorgeous!

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness I love W's outfit...such the little man!

Tiffany said...

You look fabulous!
Such a beautiful family!

Erin said...

That last photo of you with the boys? Love! Such a beautiful photo sweet friend!

Kat said...

omg u look incredible...are you sure you just had a baby???

Elizabeth said...

We've had to start our own little family traditions too with everyone so scattered. We didn't dye eggs with Addie this year, but I'll definitely keep in mind to get plastic cups next year. :)
And LOVE that picture of you with the boys! You look great!!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

You look beautiful! Seriously, it is unfair.

Confession: I didn't dye eggs this year with E. I ran out of time and I figured next year when she's three she'll "get it" more? Bad mom!

Glad you had a great Easter!