Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Current Monday night television isn't exactly the The Bachelor/The Biggest Loser combo I was loving, but this season of The Voice is keeping me pretty excited for the kiddos' bedtimes, or in actuality, the few minutes here and there during the week when I can catch up on the DVR.  Usher and Shakira are perfect additions to the show. Shakira makes me laugh and seems to look more like an understated, classic beauty, and I much prefer this to Aquilera's pompous commentary and ridiculous dressing.

While I miss CeeLo's eccentricity, Usher is such the pleasant surprise. He's much more silly than I expected, and come one, what a cute smile. I want to hang out with the guy.

And of course I've come to love the Blake-Adam banter. It makes the show. Well, that and the singing I suppose.

Now that I've used valuable blogging time for those thoughts, let's move along.

John is a spitter. W was as well. For some reason though, it stresses me out and wears me out. We go through burp cloths like nobody's business. He seems happy though, so that works. I keep telling myself not to rush time, but I'm looking forward to 5-6 months when hopefully his tummy matures and reflux settles.

Yesterday we met friends at the neighborhood park and ran into friends from our playgroup which was so much fun. Unfortunately, one of them got my attention as we were leaving saying, "It doesn't really matter now, but W's shoes are on the wrong feet." Sooooo I put on his shoes that morning! Sorry kiddo. I promise Momma hadn't been hitting the sauce!

I might be crazy, but I want to make this with The Sheriff:

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Seriously! It looks like goopy fun!

And on that note, I'm out!


hi. Im Faith. said...

aiden still puts on his shows on the wrong feet some days. :) i call it eccentrically different. haha actually i don't call it anything. i just roll with it.

and adam is such eye candy!!! i miss watching that show bec of him lol

glad you guys are enjoying some fun times at the park- sure hope warmer weather sticks around for good... xo

Nicole said...

All the boys were spitters. For the first full year of their life. It kind of stunk, literally too, and stressed me out b/c people didn't like holding them. I once had someone send me a cleaning bill. Not kidding.

Love the story of the's all good. Hope to see you guys soon.

Elizabeth said...

I love the Voice! Although, I haven't been able to keep up with it this season, all of the episodes are on DVR. Ha!

Addie would love that goopy fun! I think we'll have to try that soon! :)