Monday, May 6, 2013

The Big One

The CCA held its annual Kids Fishing Rodeo a few weeks ago, and since we aren't in our South LA homeland, we decided this would be a great opportunity to get a bit of fishing experience for The Sheriff.

W was all kinds of excited to pick up his fishing pole and head over to the lake. Next time we are at Grandpa's house, we will surely have to get one more pint sized!

After a quick bait inspection (although not any touching), he was ready to land his first catch.

It wasn't long before they felt a little tug on the line,

 and soon began reeling in what was sure to be the big one!

And big he was, right!?! W wasn't quite ready to get his hands slimy with his first catch. In fact, he wouldn't take his eyes off of it long enough, and it seemed as though he thought that little guy was going to jump off the line and give him a big, slimy kiss.

But by catch #2, we are at least holding the fishing line and smiling. Progress.

What's a fishing rodeo without prizes? Instead of measuring the fish from the lake, the kids could spin a wheel three times adding up the types and sizes of fish for the competition. While The Sheriff had no idea what was going on, he sure liked spinning that wheel.

Not to be left out, the little guy enjoyed a nice stroller ride followed by hanging out in the Baby Bjorn. I'd say life is good today.


Erin said...

I meet dreamt the day my husband and son went out to fish would be so sentimental but it really is a sweet moment to experience. Love the photo of W holding the line! What a fun fishing rodeo. Never heard of this before!

Nicole said...

So cute. As usual, I love the expression on W's face, just so sweet and full of wonder.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my that is adorable!! I love how proud he was of his fish!! I have a feeling that M will be taking Addie out to the fishing pier near our house pretty soon. :)

Andie said...

this is something I am really looking forward to with Andrew & Scott. I even bought Andrew his first fishing rod before he was even born! :)

hi. Im Faith. said...

how cute and fun! totally with W on the first catch pic- "im not so sure about this mommy" lol glad he adjusted by the second round. what a good day!