Monday, July 22, 2013

Three is Fun Bullets

It was raining out as we left a birthday party Saturday, and W says, "How can we make this rain stop?"

Daddy and W picked up donuts Sunday morning and apparently when "Breakeven" came on, The Sheriff tells him, "This is one of my favorite jams."

W thinks that the version of  "Cruise" featuring Nelly is called "Remix," and it's the cutest thing to hear from the backseat, "Is this Remix?"

Something about a new cup makes water drinking ridiculously fun.

Helicopters aren't going anywhere. He was so proud of his Sunday evening drawings that he became a blur jumping up and down cheering about his helicopter.

Proud artist sending pic to Daddy.

Twos weren't so terrible over here, but three is a mess! I am grateful for these moments of light to ground me once more in how much fun raising these little ones truly is.  


Mrs. Jones said...

Absolutely precious! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Elizabeth said...

I love the sayings their little minds come up with!

Sara said...

My goodness, he is just the most adorable thing ever. How is he already this grown up?

GabbyRM said...

Oh my gosh. So cute!

faith yates said...

haha! kids do say the darnest things! i really wish i could bottle up every little random conversations we have with them! he is growing up so fast!