Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quacking Our Way to One

Dear Sheriff,
I asked for a word last month, and we got it. You aren't even a year old but you've got a signature phrase, and it goes a little something like this ---- QUACK! 
We love it, and love you. Here's a quick look at how your are making our world turn these days. (Oh, and this post is late. Come to expect that.)

If I had to guess... you will own a farm. Animals on this farm: ducks, puppies, monkeys, horses, birds, meerkats (called quacks), roosters, sheep, lions, tigers, giraffes, and we can't forget the bears.  I'm sure everyone will get along great. 

You're happiest when... around ducks. Real, rubber, heck, even birds, squirrels, penguins (who are sometimes called quacks). 

You taught me...that a scotch-guarded couch is a parent's best friend. Oh, and that pack and plays NEED quilts at the bottom to be comfy. 

Your belly loves..We aren't going to talk much about your belly this month. You were on a hot streak trying new foods, and then...the stomach virus struck! Let's just move right along. 

You're still working on...hopping! But it's cute as pie to watch you bend your knees up and down and think you are jumping. 

The photo that represents you... You take your reading very seriously!

One of your feats...dancing! You must know it's So You Think You Can Dance season opener month! 

What I want you to know.. You are so well behaved and rather flexible. We took our first flight this month, just you and me kid, and you were an all-star. We even got compliments from business flying on our mid-week trip. I was one proud Momma! 

If all else fails... get Momma's keys??? Well, I wish. You love those things, but unfortunately, so does your little teething mouth.  You don't get to play with these very often. I have to be desperate, and even then, they are not allowed in your mouth. 

New to you...saying "bubble" "bear" and "airplane," and "banana." Ok, so they all just sort of sound like the B or P sound, but you are going for it. 

A favorite day... your Parrain's graduation, well "hooding" day. I am so grateful that we got to be a part of the celebration. We even sat next to your Uncle Rich who did not hesitate in getting you to say your favorite word. A special thanks goes out to your Nanny who let us borrow her car seat and pack and play. 

Your jams are..."Forget You," Ok, so that might be my jam, but you humor me.  You really love any music on television, and one favorite is Laurie Berkner's (apparently named) "Mister." It comes on during our DVR'ed Jack's Big Music Show. Momma likes it too and sings it voluntarily in the shower. But that'll be our little secret.  

My heart melts when... we sing "5 Little Monkeys." Out of nowhere, you learned to hit your head when "one fell off and bumped his head." You are one smart one, little guy. 

We don't get great lighting in your room thanks to the ole' black out shades, and you are quite the mover. But here's 11 months:

Piglet, what big ears you have! 


the workaholic momma said...

Simply adorable!!! Happy Birthday, sheriff:)

*Kelly* said...

So very cute....love the piglet pics especially.