Monday, September 12, 2011

Meerkat Monday Returns!

So there was a time before W (actually being preggers with W) that I seemed to have extra time on my hands, time that I had no better use for than, well,  a little something called Meerkat Monday. It all started here, and I kept up with it for a bit. Clearly I need something. I don't know, maybe better books, better hobbies, a life?

Anyway, they've been in the yard for a while, and The Sheriff LOVES them! I think he thinks they are bears, but anyway, this post is for you, Grandpa, because he sure has taken them as his own!

We spent some time outside Saturday morning dressed for game day, drinking coffee (well, not the petite), and hanging out in tennis shoes that are a bit too tight as we wait for our XW (that's EXTRA wide people!) shoes to come in from our online Stride Rite purchase.  Kiddo was too cute to leave camera inside!

You just do like this, Momma, to stand them up:

Ok kats, huddle up:

Nice work fellas:

Look Grandpa, I did this! So cool! (Ok, The Sheriff would probably never say something like "so cool." I need to do a better job finding his voice.)

So there you have it; I can't say that I'm going to continue this hurrah. Maybe I've found better hobbies by now. I've got one for sure--keep that sweet smile on that little bit's face. 


Meg O. said...

Awww meerkats are cute! And so is the little guy :)

Erin said...

This is too adorable. Love the commentary you've created for W is so funny!

Kiddothings said...

He's so adorable! He looks so happy being able to stand those meerkats up.

Just wanted to drop by to say thank you for leaving me a lovely comment on my guest post over at Natalie's! :)

Momma StJ said...

hahaha love this. When it first popped up in my newsfeed early this week...I was like..."are those REAL?!"